Rituals of Rhythm, Re-Consecretion, St. John's Church, London

a ceremonial sound collaboration between Lani Rocillo, Maxwell Owen Reynish, Nathalia Petkova and Matthew Brock.

Intuitive meditation of sound involving combinations of surround rhythmic variation, elemental sounds and intrinsic recordings from outer/other spaces. The experimental sonic communication provides an offering to the space and the participants that will allow a passage into altered and expanded states of consciousness: through evocation and the innate weaving of sounds.

13 October 2017 recorder live
at 200 year Re Consecration, St John Church, London

Strange Rituals Volume 3 by Mark Geary


The music I have chosen for this mix culminates a year of inspiring sounds that celebrate some aspect of human life, time, breath, tone, rhythm, or voice.

Like my other ritual mixes I hope to expose the power of sound to depict or induce an altered state of consciousness through ritualistic expression. The human within this framework acts as a vessel that can display, although sometimes under strange circumstances, the many perceptions of life and dreams. Through the artist's exploration and our own interpretation we are able to see beyond the narrow spectrum that much of the world wishes us to live within.

Respect to all of the artists featured on this mix. I suggest listeners to take the time to research about their musical creations but if there is a particular piece of music you want to know about, please do ask by leaving a comment and I will try to answer. The artwork is from a print by the mighty Mira Varg. (miravarg.com/MIRA-VARG)

Lani Rocillo
Sun Ra
Mark Geary
Ryo Murakami
Eliane Radique
Pascal Savy
Heather Pearls
Live Low
Mika Vainio
Fluxion (Capybara select)
o.utlier/ Taro
Meredeth Monk
K. Leimer
Ariel Kalma
Chris Watson
Donato Dozzy
Andrea Belfi
Yves Tumor
Anna Caragnano/ Donato Dozzy (Bazza secret 33 mix)
Brian Eno/ David Byrne
Pauline Oliveros
Tim Hecker
Mark Geary


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