Interrogated Silence 3/13

Interrogated Silence First One


Evgenia Emets and Lani Rocillo

Performance sound poetry for Hoxton Arches Gallery 
To take place throughout March 2013 

This work has been conceived as part and result of personal practice of working with the past memories and experiences, lying dormant within one’s psyche, gradually un-grounding them, consciously bringing them up to the surface and offering them to what we consider to be external, the World. There is an invisible fire burning in the middle of the circle, every word is being purified by the sound of the three voices chanting and holding the space for each and everyone. 

Participants are invited to experience immersion into a practice of self-offering, letting go of anything that keeps the wings bound. It is simple as this: a circle that voices and chants, that merges our experiences into sound waves, frequencies that become pure light and dissolve. Basic tuning, simple re-sounding. Re-member what comes first, what bothers most, what holds, and tell it, voice it, vocalize it. You will find support within our voices. 

Every one is invited to participate and be part of experience. One has a choice to voice one’s deepest experiences which are holding back regardless how good or bad they are perceived to be, or one can remain silent. This work is not a performance for some and theatrical experience for others, roles are relative. In that sense any sound that is being projected and experienced, either verbal or abstract, either drone or melodic, shapes the moment or our mutual presence.