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Wisdom Roundhouse : Winter Solstice Ceremony : Breath, Plant Spirit and Sound Medicine with Sacred Cacao at Apiary Studios

  • Apiary Studios 458 Hackney Road London, England, E2 9EG United Kingdom (map)

Exploring the powerful practice of Pranayama, Kriyas, Mantra chants and Sound Medicine with the immensely heart opening plant spirit Cacao.


Time is ever accelerating with the growth of our conscious awareness. Life pursues to free us to our natural state, and In the swirling dream-reality we are called to be ever present and patient with the process. It is with the flow of our intrinsic breath that we can return to the central point of our being, where time collapses and the imprints of self deceiving web of thought come to light. Here is where we break out of the conditioned circuitry and return Home to the seat and flame of self knowing, peace and enlightened manifestations.

This new moon is an emanation of the amplifying transitional energy of the winter solstice. In the undulating expanse of the great cosmic mind we are summoned to take courage and discipline to refine our tools of practicing infinity in order to restore balance, peace and purpose in our lives.

Join us in accessing PRESENCE - the wise and eternally loving pulse of nature through the guidance of the spirit of the master plant Cacao, Yoga of Breath (Pranayama) and the harmonising frequencies of the living universal song.

The CACAO we will be communing with are lovingly grown under the guardianship of the Ashaninka tribes of the Peruvian Amazon. 


is the intentional use of sound to harmonise dissonances in the physical, emotional, mental and etheric body. Facilitating the expansion of self awareness, compassionate perspective, enhanced creativity, balanced health and total well being.


is a powerfuly nurturing plant used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. 
It supports physical health, psychological well being and improves cognitive function. In it's pure and raw form cocoa is abundant in antioxidants which prevent premature cellular ageing and disease. it is rich in mood-enhancing agents such as dopamine, seratonin and phenethylamine which stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable compounds known as endorphins. It nourishes the heart and encourages heightened intuitive, sensory and emotional awareness, which open our sight to greater frontiers of consciousness experience.


Lani Rocillo is a healing arts practitioner and musician trained in Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance medicine with the intention of opening space to explore the multi-dimensional memory, so that we may access our natural capacity to embody balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she integrates wisdom discoveries from ancient spirit medicine traditions and contemporary platforms in her practice.

She holds ceremonial gatherings, facilitates personal therapeutic sessions and collaborates in art and music projects that innovate boundaries of culture towards strengthening the unified purpose of nature.


Space is limited in the venue. Please kindly reserve your place for this event.

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Please dress comfortably. Bring blankets and water to drink.

***No entry after 8 pm for the comfort of all guest.

Contribution : £25