HATHOR’S ROSE CHOIR Intuitive choir collaboration : Lani Rocillo, Katy Dron, Patricia Carlotta, Ley Ley Do Mare, Maxwell Reynish. Recorded by Sova Audio live at Intrinsic Roundhouse, Mixed by Paul Ressell, Video by Kira Zhi

NIGREDO A ceremonial performance held at Samhain in Somersethouse for the launch of Spells by Ignota books, a new publishing project and experiment in the ways of awakening.  In collaboration with Nicole Buttercourt Coello of Hackspace, Martina Soarin, Annabelle Stapleton-Critteden, Katy Dron, Ley Ley Domare, Flo Smith, Mario Bennedetti and other musicians.

RITUALS OF RHYTHM  a ceremonial sound collaboration between Lani Rocillo, Maxwell Owen Reynish, Nathalia Petkova and Matthew Brock.

Intuitive meditation of sound involving combinations of surround rhythmic variation, elemental sounds and intrinsic recordings from outer/other spaces. The experimental sonic communication provides an offering to the space and the participants that will allow a passage into altered and expanded states of consciousness: through evocation and the innate weaving of sounds.

13 October 2017 recorded live
at 200 year Re Consecration, St John Church, London


SOPOROSE Sleep research concert. Live Recording

Lani Rocillo Soporose


Laura Hypponean beautifully crafted live documentation from MOON ROSE. Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse at Shoreditch Church.